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Massaging Your Mind-Grapes


The Bugle: John and Andy take down Qaddafi’s take-down. If you want to make an assassination funny, look to these guys.

Best of the Left: Two-part episode (#538 & #539) about the Occupy Wall St. movement and how the mainstream media is grossly misrepresenting and underreporting it.

Stuff Mom Never Told You: Cristen and Caroline discuss women in this fall’s TV lineup, mostly focussing on Whitney and The New Girl. They weren’t so impressed by either Whitney (agree) nor TNG (disagree).  In my opinion, the glaring omission from their analysis was Up All Night starring Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett. UAN is probably one of the more progressive shows in terms of gender roles in society with Applegate as the workaolic breadwinner and Arnett as the stay-at-home dad but manages to not fall into clichés concerning those two ever-the-more-common archetypes. And Rudolph’s Oprah-Tyra hybrid is enough alone to warrant watching the show.

Made in Brazil: Ru-Mix: You Don’t Want to Dance with Me.  This podcast is a couple weeks old, but I finally got to listen to it this past weekend. It’s bangin’.  DJ Ru-Bot describes it thus, ‘Yes, that summer faux-mance is over, ever unconsummated, and the only way to cope is to bring that heartbreak right where it belongs: the dancefloor!’  I def felt summer summer nostalgia while listening to it.  Winter is around the corner–le sigh.


totally gay for: house music

not sure why but i’ve been really obsessed with house music today.  i suppose this isn’t anything abnormal, i’ve been a die-hard house fan since i was exposed to it in high school.  but for some reason today my mind is completely taken over by the thoughts of being on a dance floor.

the club, my church.
the dance floor, my altar.
the dance, my prayer.
the sweat, my sacrifice.
the dj, my messiah.
house music, my god.

in light of today’s totally gay, i leave you with my current dance obsession:  hold on (sub focus mix) by rusko.  i admittedly don’t know too much about rusko as a dj but i’m enjoying all that i’m hearing now.  also, i find it incredibly hard to stay up on house music.  i feel by the time i hear about the new greatest club anthem (like hold on, here) it’s already been played out for months.  i suppose i need to get back on more house music blogs.

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