the notorious f.a.q.

what is a chapisode?

too long to be a chapter, too not-on-tv to be an episode, i have chosen to release my book in chapisodes.  i did not create this portmanteau but once word gets out about the quarterlife crises, i doubt this will no longer be a question asked frequently.  for a more technical explanation check out urban dictionary.


what’s the big idea with two versions?

i believe that there is more to a story, more to a novel than simply the words that appear on it’s pages (or pixels as the case may be).  words are intrinsically functional, but in the day and age of epub and wordart (that’s still a thing, right?) you can increase the function of the words to include form as well.  for instance, the timestamps are in the right column to give the feel of reading a term paper.

where are the capital letters?

answer (1) i know that many words, proper and improper nouns alike, are supposed to be capitalized but i choose not to.  i believe the appearance of the words themselves convey story; that what is capitalized in writing is almost as important as what isn’t.  no capitalization come hell or high autocorrect.

answer (2) i have no clue what i’m doing.  i am a child trying to put on the big-boy-publishing-pants and clearly should have all means of writing taken away until i learn that every rule must be followed all the time always.

i noticed a few grammar, spelling mistakes..

first of all, this is frequently asked questions and that’s not a question.

second of all, you’re right, there are quite a few mistakes.  right now the actual publishing of this book is a three person operation:  me.  my editor chloe.  and my favorite publishing assistant t.h.jones.

the three of us are terribly human as is our process.  there are bound to be many mistakes that will still exist after our countless cumulative read-throughs.  i am content to have these mistakes during the slow release of the chapisodes, but at the end of the project, we will go back through and find those little snafus and change them.  that’s why i’m asking you to help out.

hit me us up at with any glaring errors you see or thoughts on the project or hate mail or whatever.  just stay in contact, help us tell the best story possible.

who are the freshman fifteen?

you’re just gonna have to read to find out..



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