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First Meeting of Storyholics

On Thursday, October 6, we held the inaugural storyholics meeting as a soft premiere for the first chapisode, ‘Sconnie.’  The assembled group participated in the storytelling experience by recounting their first “signature” drinks as well as the first time each person said, “I’m never drinking again.”  Ean read several selections from the first chapisode, punctuated with readings by Sarah Louise Allen, Becca Lorentzen, and Ben Gosse.



HamSTARS and Italian Nude Beaches

This past Sunday, we went to an open mic night hosted by the Kathie Rasmussen Women’s Theatre.  It was a really fun time with a lot of great artists.  Our housemates, Carrie and Daniel, improvised a song based on Ean’s nude beach adventure with a certain Daniele–or Danieli-oooo (unfortunately we only got the second half of the song, still memorable).

ean speakifying

Call me Jones, Ean’s Ass.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thomas; although, most people call me TJ.  And if you’re Ean, you’ve lately taken to calling me Jones, like an English servant (Downton Abbey wuuuut?). Whatever you call me, I’m Ean’s publishing assistant [muddled applause].

Ean drunkenly propositioned me one night this past summer (with the idea to be his publishing assistant).  After thinking it over briefly, I decided that it was just the kind of adventure and randomness that my life needed.  Fast forward a few months, and I am now in the thick of it (literally pulling fuzzies from the thicket of hair on Ean’s face).

So what does a publishing assistant who is addressed by his boss like an early-twentieth century valet do exactly?  Lots of things.  So far I’ve set up lots of accounts–Facebook, Twitter, banking, calendars, email, etc.  I also do correspondence under Ean’s name and my own.  I update and sync our calendars (I really wanted to have an *NSYNC joke here, but alas, my brain can’t think of one this early in the morning).  I set up our fundraising website (go donate, please!)  I’m working on planning the promotional events, which includes a moderate amount of arithmetic during my “free time.”  I’m the official documentarian of this expirement in publishing, doing filming and photography.  I also review the book and copy edit it.  Really, I do pretty much anything that isn’t the actual writing of the book (I haven’t gone on a coffee run yet–fingers crossed!).

So, I’ll be here around the blog posting frequently.  You’ll also see me at all the events, wiping my brow and suppressing a panic attack.  You can follow me on twitter @thjones08.  You can email me at

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