about me

who am i?

i’m a digital storyteller and entrepreneur.  i write urban fantasy books for people that like to watch tv.  i am a full time pop philosopher that thinks literature has taught a lot to television but could stand to learn a bit too.

i was born a storyteller, tho my mom called it lying as a kid.  i didn’t study literature or writing in college, i’m a self-taught-storyteller-in-the-making.  an only child in rural wisconsin, my friends were mostly books and video games. i love anything with a good storyline: legend of zelda, final fantasy series, heck, even banjo-kazooie.  i read goosebumps and animorphs religiously and of course fell hard for harry potter.  my current tv addictions are: himym, true blood, misfits, and greek.

my writing heroes include joss whedon, carter bays and craig thomas, shakespeare, oscar wilde, jk rowling.  i’ll add more as i read/watch more.

(i love parentheticals and typing in all lower-case.)

i’m starting from scratch, no formal training, no friends in the business.  i believe that like artists, writers are born, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication (and just a tad bit of luck) to become a professional storyteller.

email me at: eanweslynn@gmail.com

follow me on twitter: @eanweslynn

clips of me: in the media room

my other car is two cadillacs, too

3.22.12 romney campaign rally "my other car is two cadillacs, too"


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