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totally gay for: caramalized bacon with maple syrup


this recipe will change your life. you can thank me by making this recipe for me. one holiday season many (two) years ago i was minding my own buisness, probably playing wii or sitting in the hot tub when my mind was blown by bacon. not just any bacon. caramalized bacon. i think it was brunch but it was so good it could have been for dessert.
i am a sweet tooth and it had never occurred to me to mix brown sugar and bacon. silly me.
lucky you i made sure to get the recipe. lucky for us there is only two steps to nirvana.


what you need:
brown sugar
baking sheet

steps to baconirvana:
preheat oven to 200f
cover bacon in brown sugar (either on a separate plate or right onto baking sheet)
cook until you can’t wait any longer
consume until you have arrived at baconirvana


the other day when jones and i were making this we got our hands on some maple syrup. im talking wisconsin-style, grade-a dark amber. (that’s what they called me in college) so i mixed the two not meaty ingredients together this time and made even more awesome.

note: it is incredibly hard to eat more than three pieces of this in one sitting. so for those of you who have trouble controlling yourself around bacon, you’ll go into diabetic shock before you eat enough to make you fat. (winning)

this is a great little recipe i picked up at the birdhouse from foodie-friend lori. (you can check out some of her writing over on npr’s baby project blog
in all fairness, the tahoe house is a place where someone is always cooking and we are always drinking so i’m pretty sure it was lori, it may have been aaron (check out his band caught in motion)

here are some potential names for this new type of caramalization:

lakeland licorice
baconsin (bay-con-sin)
candied bacon
diabetes treaty
diabetic jerky



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