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morning would you rather: misfits edition

in honor of the new season of misfits, we wonder:



morning would you rather: scream edition

good morning! would you rather
meet old matthew lillard, old david arquette, old skeet ulrich or old jamie kennedy in a dark alley?
note: before you freak out about how old they look, keep in mind that they were all in their twenties when scream was made in 1996. fifteen years and unfortunate careers don’t make for a great red carpet showing. don’t worry guys, i still love you, even if your exes don’t.


morning would you rather..

would you rather have super strength or super speed?
hulk vs. the roadrunner. the thing vs. speedy gonzales. the girl from beetleborgs vs. dash from incredibles..


jo on beetleborgs had super strength. yes i watched it and no i’m not ashamed..i was a member of the five channel club back when they used to have channels.

everyone loves dash. everyone has seen the scene. so here it is set to vivaldi..

so which is it?

morning would you rather?

would you rather have to never cut your hair or never clip your nails?

morning would you rather

would you rather be interviewed by jon stewart or stephen colbert?

morning would you rather?

would you rather find your soul mate or find your true calling?

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