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Massaging Your Mind-Grapes


The Bugle: John and Andy take down Qaddafi’s take-down. If you want to make an assassination funny, look to these guys.

Best of the Left: Two-part episode (#538 & #539) about the Occupy Wall St. movement and how the mainstream media is grossly misrepresenting and underreporting it.

Stuff Mom Never Told You: Cristen and Caroline discuss women in this fall’s TV lineup, mostly focussing on Whitney and The New Girl. They weren’t so impressed by either Whitney (agree) nor TNG (disagree).  In my opinion, the glaring omission from their analysis was Up All Night starring Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett. UAN is probably one of the more progressive shows in terms of gender roles in society with Applegate as the workaolic breadwinner and Arnett as the stay-at-home dad but manages to not fall into clichés concerning those two ever-the-more-common archetypes. And Rudolph’s Oprah-Tyra hybrid is enough alone to warrant watching the show.

Made in Brazil: Ru-Mix: You Don’t Want to Dance with Me.  This podcast is a couple weeks old, but I finally got to listen to it this past weekend. It’s bangin’.  DJ Ru-Bot describes it thus, ‘Yes, that summer faux-mance is over, ever unconsummated, and the only way to cope is to bring that heartbreak right where it belongs: the dancefloor!’  I def felt summer summer nostalgia while listening to it.  Winter is around the corner–le sigh.


Massaging Your Mind-Grapes

Working on this book invloves long hours, and at times Ean and I both reach a stalemate in our work and need to take a break. With the realization that we need to take a break but don’t want to completely fall out of the working groove, we usually listen to podcasts to relax, learn, and be entertained. Both Ean and I are podcast junkies and since we both realized that I think our consumption of podcasts has gone up even more. With that said, we’re going to publish a weekly post of the top 3-5 podcasts that we’ve listened to through the week and think you should check out too. Check back every Monday for a few tested recommendations. Here’s the first week’s selection:

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Grammar Girl:  This one is all about editors.  How to treat them, when to turn work in, etc.  (Ean has yet to listen to this. Ahem.)

Stuff Mom Never Told You:  The wonderful ladies of SMNTY give us a two part podcast about pretty much everything you wanted to know about masturbation. 

Reasonable Discussions (AV Club):  AV Club critics discuss ‘Canon Fodder,’ a new column in GQ where its critic proposes that she doesn’t need to understand classic film in order to critique the ‘new canon’ of classics (i.e. movies released after 1985).  I strongly disagree with the GQ columnist, but I see her attitude as a larger zeitgeist of the millennial generation and Americans’ general distaste for and ignorance of history–even pop history.  I’ll never accept the anti-intellectualism and active ignorance first propogated by GW Bush and carried on by so many Americans to the present day.

Stuff You Should KnowZoot suit riot (riot)!  Throw back a bottle of beer…  Did you know that the Zoot Suit Riots were real?  It’s not too often that men’s fashion causes any sort of scandal, but the zoot suits of the WWII period were used as a marker of ethnic solidarity and opposition to the war and rationing, eventually leading to the Zoot Suit Riots in LA in 1943.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind:  So, we’ve all heard of people summoning incredible strength in fight or flight situations; that’s really nothing new.  But how this reaction is triggered by a certain hormone; the history of the isolation of that hormone and the donation of Washington DC’s cherry trees; and what really happens to your body when you are shocked by electricity definitely inspired some whoa–wait–what? moments.

**Please note:  totally a coincidence that I picked so many Discovery Networks podcasts this week (I guess they just brought it).

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