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totally gay for: gay marriage down under

so for those of you who haven’t seen this yet on the facebook, this is a great ad by a non-profit group ‘get up’ that shows a couple meeting dating and eventually making the choice to get married.  it’s a great idea for an ad and it’s been executed near perfectly.

it’s no small wonder that i’m a big fan of marriage equality, but when you see a video like this, it really highlights the hypocrisy of not allowing two adults to marry, regardless of sex or gender identity.

(side note:  the significant other ‘paul’ we can see through most of the video looks a lot like my friend and fellow lambda literary writing fellow Johnathan Wilber  .  this past summer at the lambda literary writer’s retreat i got to hear first hand his new work (an inventive retelling of the dracula myth set during the 80’s at the onset of the aids epidemic))

Johnathan has a book out on amazon called ‘out beelzebub’ which is a “rollicking farcical thriller that is sure to appeal to sexual deviants.”  it’s on my kindle and it should be on yours.


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