Totally Gay For: Sneaky Sound System

So, I’ve been in a bit of a music rut lately.  Frankly, I just haven’t had the time to look for music and not much has been catching my ears lately.  Well, hopefully that dry spell is over.  Sneaky Sound System is an Australian electro/pop duo consisting of Black Angus and Connie Mitchell.  I got the album a few weeks ago after reading the music roundup on Towleroad.  Finally today I loaded it onto my iphone.  I had a freak out dance party in my room by myself at about 8AM (I had just taken an Awake pill).   I walked to work instead of biking, because I wanted to listen to it–yeah.  And I’ve been listening to it between every podcast today (i.e. 4-5x).   My first reaction while listening to it (and this may be indicative of electronic music either rotting my brain or taking it to a whole new level) was that I liked their sounds.  I wish I had better words to describe electronic music, but essentially I just like the sounds.  Blip-bloop-bleep.  Their music seems to pull from multiple genres and I hear influences of disco, 80s electro, and contemporary house.  It’s bumpin’, but it won’t give you a headache.  Connie Mitchell is gorgeous and her outfits bright and sparkly, stimulating multiple senses.  The videos are fun and playful.  I’m currently tapping my foot and squirming in my seat finishing up this post.  Get your headphones and have at it.

The video for We Love kind of reminds me of a downtempo Benassi-Prydz hybrid.


e-dict: jerseys

Jerseys (pl. n.)
-collegiate athletes who appear to have had their civilian wardrobes replaced entirely with athletic apparel, generally warm-up clothes.

“Huntar hadn’t figured Sebastien to be a moped type; in Huntar’s mind they were reserved for lazy jerseys and the girls that chased them.”

e-dict: east-witching

East-witch (intr. v.)

-to have only one’s splayed feet and ankles visible with the rest of the body hidden, usually lying down.  Neologism from the Wicked Witch of the East.

“Up ahead he noticed a pair of feet east-witching out from under a bush.”

totally gay for: caramalized bacon with maple syrup


this recipe will change your life. you can thank me by making this recipe for me. one holiday season many (two) years ago i was minding my own buisness, probably playing wii or sitting in the hot tub when my mind was blown by bacon. not just any bacon. caramalized bacon. i think it was brunch but it was so good it could have been for dessert.
i am a sweet tooth and it had never occurred to me to mix brown sugar and bacon. silly me.
lucky you i made sure to get the recipe. lucky for us there is only two steps to nirvana.


what you need:
brown sugar
baking sheet

steps to baconirvana:
preheat oven to 200f
cover bacon in brown sugar (either on a separate plate or right onto baking sheet)
cook until you can’t wait any longer
consume until you have arrived at baconirvana


the other day when jones and i were making this we got our hands on some maple syrup. im talking wisconsin-style, grade-a dark amber. (that’s what they called me in college) so i mixed the two not meaty ingredients together this time and made even more awesome.

note: it is incredibly hard to eat more than three pieces of this in one sitting. so for those of you who have trouble controlling yourself around bacon, you’ll go into diabetic shock before you eat enough to make you fat. (winning)

this is a great little recipe i picked up at the birdhouse from foodie-friend lori. (you can check out some of her writing over on npr’s baby project blog
in all fairness, the tahoe house is a place where someone is always cooking and we are always drinking so i’m pretty sure it was lori, it may have been aaron (check out his band caught in motion)

here are some potential names for this new type of caramalization:

lakeland licorice
baconsin (bay-con-sin)
candied bacon
diabetes treaty
diabetic jerky


morning would you rather: scream edition

good morning! would you rather
meet old matthew lillard, old david arquette, old skeet ulrich or old jamie kennedy in a dark alley?
note: before you freak out about how old they look, keep in mind that they were all in their twenties when scream was made in 1996. fifteen years and unfortunate careers don’t make for a great red carpet showing. don’t worry guys, i still love you, even if your exes don’t.


Massaging Your Mind-Grapes


The Bugle: John and Andy take down Qaddafi’s take-down. If you want to make an assassination funny, look to these guys.

Best of the Left: Two-part episode (#538 & #539) about the Occupy Wall St. movement and how the mainstream media is grossly misrepresenting and underreporting it.

Stuff Mom Never Told You: Cristen and Caroline discuss women in this fall’s TV lineup, mostly focussing on Whitney and The New Girl. They weren’t so impressed by either Whitney (agree) nor TNG (disagree).  In my opinion, the glaring omission from their analysis was Up All Night starring Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett. UAN is probably one of the more progressive shows in terms of gender roles in society with Applegate as the workaolic breadwinner and Arnett as the stay-at-home dad but manages to not fall into clichés concerning those two ever-the-more-common archetypes. And Rudolph’s Oprah-Tyra hybrid is enough alone to warrant watching the show.

Made in Brazil: Ru-Mix: You Don’t Want to Dance with Me.  This podcast is a couple weeks old, but I finally got to listen to it this past weekend. It’s bangin’.  DJ Ru-Bot describes it thus, ‘Yes, that summer faux-mance is over, ever unconsummated, and the only way to cope is to bring that heartbreak right where it belongs: the dancefloor!’  I def felt summer summer nostalgia while listening to it.  Winter is around the corner–le sigh.

e-dict: emp

If you’ve been reading the book so far, you no doubt have come across Ean’s distinctive use of language.  Word play, portmanteaus, neologisms, alliteration, etc. are basically protein shakes for Ean’s writing muscles.  While most of this language can be understood in context and with a superficial knowledge of pop culture, we thought it would be fun to create a lexicon of Ean’s slang.

Emp (n., v.)

-neologism from the acronym EMP (electro-magnetic pulse)


“And with that thought Huntar emped harder than he had ever emped before. Red light erupted in the space between his hands and The Chalet, shooting him backwards through the air.”


to emp

an emp

an empist or an emper

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