Totally Gay For: Sneaky Sound System

So, I’ve been in a bit of a music rut lately.  Frankly, I just haven’t had the time to look for music and not much has been catching my ears lately.  Well, hopefully that dry spell is over.  Sneaky Sound System is an Australian electro/pop duo consisting of Black Angus and Connie Mitchell.  I got the album a few weeks ago after reading the music roundup on Towleroad.  Finally today I loaded it onto my iphone.  I had a freak out dance party in my room by myself at about 8AM (I had just taken an Awake pill).   I walked to work instead of biking, because I wanted to listen to it–yeah.  And I’ve been listening to it between every podcast today (i.e. 4-5x).   My first reaction while listening to it (and this may be indicative of electronic music either rotting my brain or taking it to a whole new level) was that I liked their sounds.  I wish I had better words to describe electronic music, but essentially I just like the sounds.  Blip-bloop-bleep.  Their music seems to pull from multiple genres and I hear influences of disco, 80s electro, and contemporary house.  It’s bumpin’, but it won’t give you a headache.  Connie Mitchell is gorgeous and her outfits bright and sparkly, stimulating multiple senses.  The videos are fun and playful.  I’m currently tapping my foot and squirming in my seat finishing up this post.  Get your headphones and have at it.

The video for We Love kind of reminds me of a downtempo Benassi-Prydz hybrid.


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