totally gay for: ‘This Means War’

the other night while watching a show or seven over on hulu, i was delighted to get the option to watch a trailer instead of watching all the commercials. this opportunity always puts me in a good mood, if not for the dislike of commercial interruption than for the sheer inconvenience of a commercial interrupting an already shaky online streaming situation. but what put me in a great mood is the trailer for a movie i’m totally down to see.

this means war looks like it should be called ‘this means threesome.’ a classic love triangle with a lot of action that begs the question, why isn’t polygamy legal? just watch for yourself..

not only does this movie have two gay heart throbs, but it also has reese and chelsea handler. i’ve never seen chelsea in a movie before, i’m not sure if i’m going to like it. but if she somehow worked in chuy into the script, i am sure that i’m going to love it.

i’ve been a fan of mcg for a while, he single-handedly brought back brooding as the cool way to get a girl. and yes he may have been responsible for giving us ed westwick but he also gave us the solid ‘chuck.’ (i will be making a totally gay for: zachary levi post very soon)

yes. i’m going to see this movie opening weeked to show my support for reese’s realiziation that one man just isn’t enough once you’ve been gyllenhaal’d. (just ask peter sarsgaard) long live reesehardypine.

spoiler alert: the movie ends with pine and hardy realizing that they were into one another the whole time so they get rid of their beard, grow out their beards and live happily ever otter.

it’s safe to say that this trailer has me wondering: when the hell is presidents day?


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