Goodbye, Steve.

By now everyone has heard about Steve Jobs’ death.  It is very sad to see such a talented, relatively-young person pass away.  Although I wouldn’t categorize myself as an Apple fanboy, I have been a loyal customer for the past seven years.  Ean has been using Apple products for almost exactly the same amount of time.  We both got out first ipods during the fall semester of 2004.  I followed with more ipods throughout the years, a macbook, and now an iphone and ipad.  It’s boggling to think of the hours I’ve spent using Apple products.  The things I’ve learned.  The places my devices have travelled with me.  The world has lost a great innovator and visionary.


In terms of The Freshman Fifteen, Apple products have always played an important role.  Ean used his iphone to jot down storylines and ideas as they would come to him in day to day life.  Ean and I both use iPads for writing, content consumption/creation, speaking engagements, syncing schedules/documents/etc.  I’m typing on my macbook right now, and the picture was saved using my ipad and the Adobe Photoshop app.


We all have our connections to Steve and Apple (even non-Apple users).  For this book, those products have been indispensable.  Thanks, Steve.


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