you remind me of a girl that i once knew..

‘do i remind you of one of your characters?’

it’s a simple enough question that i get asked more often than i thought i would.  maybe it’s because my novel is based upon my life or maybe it’s because the people i meet are almost as narcisstic as a guy who would write a novel based upon his life, but whatever the reason, i’m asked it all the time and i’m sick of it.  so to answer this question once and for all, (should we ever meet, become friends, sleep together, or get married (ny!) ) …

‘yes, you remind me of one of my characters.’

i will be the first to tell you that my characters are based upon people that i have known in my life.  friends, family, lovers and foes.  their basic appearance or demeanor as a base but then that’s it.  once they are in my head they become nothing more than glorified mr potato heads.  their collective brown lumpy mass makes a great backdrop for me to play dress up with character flaws, character strengths and googly eyes.

ask any writer where they draw their inspiration from and you’ll get any number of answers, but i think it all just boils down to ‘writers, like every other human being in the world, are made up solely of their experiences.’  but unlike every other human being, writers choose to tell their story. (it bears noting that in this declaration i am including all artists as writers in some form)

but maybe i’m wrong, maybe it’s not about me, maybe it’s about the inquirer.  maybe they want to know what is it about them do i deem intriguing enough to commit to pixels, and i’m sorry but that question doesn’t have a blanket answer.

it may be what you order at the bar.  it may be the awkwardly erotic way you undress.  but it’s probably the way you won’t leave the next morning even though i keep dropping hints and i told you i had a lot of work to do and you insisted on following me to the farmers market and no i will not hold your hand–

–sorry.  my point is that you don’t need to ask me, you already know my answer.  yes.  yes, i want you to get out of my apartment.  and yes, you remind me of one of my characters.

loves you. e.

p.s. no that does not mean you get royalties.



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