a little midweek celebration

last night i went to bed at 930p.  i could blame this on my early morning, my love of dreaming or my sheer boredom at living in the country with satellite internet that’s as slow as dial-up but without any of the fun modem sounds.  but no, the real reason was because i knew that today i would be receiving an email from madison lit fest.

if you haven’t heard of madison lit fest before, don’t worry, i hadn’t either until i saw an ad for it in a store on state street a few months back.  it’s a student run fest that aims at showcasing writing talent at the uw.  their theme this year is ‘reading is (still) sexy’  and you can check out their promo vid here:

anyway, so i submitted an incredibly shortened version of the first chapisode of my book in progress ‘the freshman fifteen.’  in the beginning of february and then i began the wait.  for a few weeks there was no response and i almost even forgot to think about it.  then two weeks ago i got an email from them in my wisc account with the subject line: ‘your submission.’ that prepared me for yet another rejection.  much to my surprise the email said i was still in the running but they needed more time.  that i would know no later that march 23rd.  in the back of my mind a croaky voice said ‘thirteen days.’

so once again i was forced to pretend all was alright.  i’m quite a superstitious person so i don’t like to tell anyone about what i’m planning until it is successful, and this time i almost did it.  save for a drunk admission of my submission to a friend visiting during the protests.  but for thirteen days i was able to calm the inner freak, but then last night, knowing i would have an answer today, i couldn’t take it any longer.

i’ve never understood people who say they are too nervous or excited to sleep.  ever since i was a kid i used to use sleeping as a way of passing time until something i want to do.  i hope that i never lose the gift of self-induced narcolepsy.

anyway, this morning after sleeping thirteen hours i woke up to an email that hit my inbox last night at 10p to let me know that i was selected to read my chapisode at the opening night of madison lit fest.  yay!

the road to authorship is hard and long  (heheh) and i’m not even close to being there yet.  but one day a long time from now, i hope that i can remind myself of the pure joy i felt when i read that email this morning and took myself out for a great meal this afternoon.  now i’m off to write my first bio!


worth the wait..


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